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Our Therapists offer a realistic game plan for upholding your New Year’s resolutions

New Year’s resolutions vary widely across the board, but there are some popular ones that stand out. Unsurprisingly, about one-third of all people make weight loss the primary goal of their resolution, with another 15% aiming to start a new exercise program in the New Year. Despite this, regardless of what resolutions are made, only about 12% of people actually stick to their resolutions for the next 12 months. A common problem is starting out strong with ambitions that are too high, a regimen that’s too difficult and not addressing those aches or pain that could prevent them from meeting their goals.

That’s why, Physical Therapy should be seen as an essential first step to getting in shape, as we can fix any painful issues or injuries you have that may be preventing you from engaging in exercise. Once we determine the source of your pain, we’ll create a program designed to alleviate pain and improve your functional abilities, so exercise will come much easier. In addition, our physical therapists will perform movement screens and provide proper exercise instructions to help you become more independent when you engage in whatever exercises you prefer.

Most injuries and painful conditions can be addressed with basic treatments through physical therapy and will improve with time and a focused effort. The problem is when people with aches or pains wait for months or years to actually do anything about them, which can lead to more serious, longer-lasting (chronic) problems that will take even longer to fix.  We encourage you to make your health a priority in 2019, and if you have a lingering injury or some pain that you’ve been dealing with for a while, you should make a resolution to see us sooner rather than later for treatment.

Continuing to “Help You Move Without Pain”

At Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida, everything we do has always been with one primary mission and one specific goal in mind: “Helping You Move Without Pain”. Our therapists are here to help you achieve your resolution goals and make 2019 a stellar year. Contact us at 941-264-1414 to find out how we can help you and to schedule an appointment today.