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Is Hip Pain Normal?

Is Hip Pain Normal?

Sadly, more than 76 million people in the United States report that they experience some form of hip pain. Not only that, but self-reported hip pain has only increased since the early 1970s. While hip osteoarthritis is a common cause of pain and disability among older adults, painful hip joints can affect all ages, having multiple possible causes.

Incidence rates of hip pain are high among those who are obese. Maintaining a healthy body weight is one of the most important tools in staving off osteoarthritic pain and prematurely worn joints. An active lifestyle with a body that is strong and skilled at carrying its own weight lends itself to both healthy longevity and a higher quality of enjoying that long life. Our Physical Therapists are not only certified in treating existing pains and dysfunctions, but they also have the experience and passion to help clients develop personalized workout routines to shed excess pounds and strengthen weak and underdeveloped muscles and support structures. Physical Therapist Megan Bollinger has an advanced certification in Pilates from the Pilates Center in Boulder, CO.

Apart from carrying excess weight, hip pain can stem from improperly healed injuries. Even if you are young and healthy, if you suffer from hip pain after an accident or injury, our Physical Therapists are experts at rehabilitating your hip joints in a safe, drug-free, and non-surgical way. They can put you on the path to success at avoiding unnecessary long-term pain or dysfunction. Dr. Jonathan Mullis was responsible for managing the Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapies Department at Boston Medical Center prior to founding Physical Therapy Doctors here in Bradenton.

Arthritis, bursitis, and tendinitis all can contribute to pain in the hips, and all are subject to improvement under the guidance of a pain specialist. A client named Susan wrote a Google Review about her experience with relief from hip pain. She writes, “Having suffered from a sharp, jabbing hip pain I had been going to a chiropractor and his physical therapist for one month without much improvement. I took the advice of a friend and went to see Dr. Jon Mullis. After the first visit, the shooting, jabbing pain was gone and I had a mild, dull pain. After the second visit, I felt great! What a relief. His ‘hands on” approach of stretching and working on the targeted areas is remarkable…He’s GREAT and I highly recommend him.”

Hip pain does NOT need to become your new normal. Sarasota and Manatee Counties’ own Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida have the certification, experience, and sheer professionalism to help you move again without drugs, without surgery, and without pain! Contact us today to schedule an appointment. Call us directly at (941) 264-1414 or email us at