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Spring Has Sprung!

In the Northern Hemisphere, the season of Spring begins at the astronomical vernal equinox. In 2024, this event will take place at 11:06 p.m. on Tuesday, March 19. The equinox is the day wherein daylight and night hours are equal in length because the sun is directly over the equator. As the days are getting longer and the weather warmer, we’ll have more time and opportunity to enjoy our lovely local Bradenton and Sarasota climate. It’s an ideal window of time before it gets too hot & humid in the summer to get out and avail yourself of the many soon coming springtime events. Let’s go over a few seasonal activities coming to Manatee and Sarasota Counties.

Now that nighttime has gotten comfortably warm, Bradenton’s Bishop Museum of Science and Nature (just a few blocks from our clinic!) is offering Sidewalk Astronomy at The Bishop. This free event will provide a powerful telescope view of the moon, the planet Jupiter, and more. You’ll also be given a chance to win a free Celestron StarSense Explorer 10″ Dobsonian telescope so you can search the night sky from your own home. Tacos, edible cookie dough, and drinks will be available for purchase, as well as tickets to the planetarium’s newest show, Big Astronomy.

To combine light exercise, the great outdoors, and some useful and interesting education, consider taking a bird identifying walk conducted by a guide furnished by the Sarasota Audubon Society. This free tour explores the wetlands surrounding the boardwalk at Celery Fields. Enjoy your own backyard by taking up gardening. No experience? No problem. The University of Florida IFAS Manatee County Extension is opening a free series of classes about common plant diseases, so you’ll be ahead of the game when your plants take off. Instead of starting from seed, you can even get a jump start by purchasing ones that are already along in their growth since the UF/IFAS is also hosting a Spring Plant Sale.

For the art enthusiasts, Anna Maria Island will be home to the 36th Annual Springfest Festival of Fine Arts & Fine Crafts. Holmes Beach will be the place to go to for a juried exhibition with entrants from across the United States. Parking and admission are free, and proceeds from a raffle will benefit the Art League’s Scholarship Fund, which provides classes to children and adults.You can even enter your own creations or that of your kids or grandchildren. Another outdoor spring event that the kids can enjoy is the Meadows Farmers Market Spring Market. An Easter egg hunt, pictures with the Easter Bunny, and of course the local goods, fresh food, and artisanal products you’d expect from a farmers market will be there in abundance.

Enjoying the mild weather of our springtime can be difficult if you experience pain or limitation stemming from back or joint pain. Whether caused by arthritis, injury, or overuse, our Licensed Physical Therapy Doctors and Assistants possess the expertise and experience to accurately assess your particular situation and formulate a tailor-made plan to help get you moving again – without pain. We’re right here in Bradenton, and only a phone call or email away from an appointment to find out how we can treat your pain or weakness without opioid drugs or surgery. We can be reached at (941) 264-1414,, or via direct message. Spring has sprung, so make the most of it by learning how we can help you move without pain.