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Why We Love Bradenton & Sarasota!

     Few places are more beautiful than Florida in March.  It is the perfect time to be outside, to breathe the salty gulf air, and just enjoy being alive! When everything feels this perfect, it’s actually hard to fathom why people ever leave! And not that there isn’t enough to celebrate, but March 2021 is an extra special month for our practice as we commemorate our third anniversary! A little over three years ago, our own Dr. Jonathan and Sonia Mullis moved here from snowy Boston, Massachusetts, so they appreciate the mild winters and amazing beaches as much as you do. In these three wonderful years of serving the residents of Manatee and Sarasota Counties, we have loved growing to be a part of this community. We’ve helped many patients to move without pain again and we’ve learned so much about the richness of our community and local features. What’s not to love?!?

When it comes to beaches, we have everything from dog-friendly to boat accessible shores. Florida’s coastline is legendary, and we have some of the absolute best parts right here in our own community. The internationally renowned Siesta Key Beach offers powdery sand and mild waves that make it a destination that everyone can enjoy. Picnic tables, grills, and a playground make Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island a great place for a family excursion. There are plenty of restaurants and casual dining venues within walking distance, so you can stay all day long. Manatee Public Beach has changing cabanas, drinking water fountains, and spots to play volleyball if you prefer to add a little activity to an otherwise leisurely day on the seashore.

To nourish your healthy diet, visit one our many local farmer’s markets. They all take the necessary COVID precautions and offer a safe and fun outing to gather some locally sourced produce, homemade apparel & jewelry, and creative arts & crafts. Visit early for the most varied selection, and don’t forget a hat and sunscreen so you can enjoy meandering amongst the merchant booths without having to take home an unwelcome sunburn along with your newfound wares. The Sarasota Farmers Market even hosts live music and not-for-profit events. Check out their schedule to plan your day.

Something that probably doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves is Florida’s flat terrain. Sure, mountains and hills are pleasing to the eye from a distance, but if you find walking painful, inclines, declines, stairs, and uneven ground don’t allow for the most pleasant stroll. Many of Manatee and Sarasota County’s trails are ideal for anyone who wants to be sure that they’ll only encounter flat, well-maintained, and easily managed walking trails. The preceding links will let you know ahead of time which ones are paved and how long they are, many of which are suitable for beginners and people dealing with walking difficulties.

Even if you currently experience challenges with walking or any other physical movements, you need not feel that it’s inevitable that you won’t be able to enjoy our great Manatee and Sarasota outdoors anymore. Our physical therapy doctors specialize in treating dysfunctional hips, knees, ankles, and feet. Our team is dedicated to treating you WITHOUT drugs. We’ll assess your specific situation and devise a strategy to rehabilitate your body through customized manual therapy, education, and exercises. Avoid invasive surgery and learn how to move without pain at Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida! Get the information you need or schedule an appointment by calling us at (941) 264-1414, email us at, or send us a direct message here.