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Is My Back Pain Normal?

Back pain is one of the most common complaints to doctors and is a leading cause of work-loss days. Sadly, a painful back often brings limitation to social and physical activity and 1 in 3 people claim that it has an impact on their daily life. Around 80% of Americans will experience problems with their back at some point in life and it’s more common in women than men, but the good news is that it can often be treated.

How do you know if you should seek treatment? Sometimes, you just wake up with a sore back. Maybe you slept on it wrong or worked out differently than usual. Sometimes it goes away as we “warm up” throughout the morning and others it can last for a few days at a time. If your pain persists past a few weeks, spreads down one or both legs, or causes weakness, numbness, or tingling, you should contact us so that our pain specialists can assess your situation and prescribe a plan of treatment designated specifically for you.

Why is the back so commonly problematic? It’s complicated! Literally. Your back is a very complex structure made up of 33 vertebrae, (5 of which are fused in your sacrum and 4 fused in the coccyx or “tailbone”), 23 discs, 31 pairs of spinal nerves, dozens of muscles, tendons, and ligaments. There’s a lot going on back there! So don’t leave it to chance that it will work itself out if you’re suffering pain.

What are some of the causes of back pain? Back pain can be attributed to weaknesses or imbalances in the development of your muscles or it may stem from repeated incorrect movement patterns that developed over time, usually in order to compensate for a prior problem. Some pain problems might originate from pressure on a nerve or an incompletely healed injury. Poor posture, osteoarthritis, strains, and sprains are some of the many potential issues with which our physical therapy doctors are trained to work.

What can you do to prevent back pain? All of the tips that apply to health in general also keep your back healthy and strong. Make sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough quality sleep. Quit smoking. Back pain risk actually increases with the number of cigarettes smoked per day, so don’t smoke any. Building muscular strength and flexibility helps support your back, so exercise and maintain a healthy weight. Our physical therapists can tailor a fitness plan for your level and optimally train you with it. They can also teach you how to sit and stand with proper posture so as to not place undue strain on your back.

Back pain may be common, but it doesn’t have to be tolerated. Pain-masking drugs and invasive surgeries are not the only options. Our non-surgical joint and back pain specialists have the tools, skills, knowledge, and experience to assist you with pain and to correct dysfunction to help you resume a more active and fulfilling lifestyle. Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida is conveniently located in Bradenton and serves all of Manatee and Sarasota. Call us at (941) 264-1414, email us, or fill out our online message form today!

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4 Keys to Exercising Safely During Florida’s Summer

With our sunny Bradenton, Florida summers comes storm season. Increased likelihood of wind and rain doesn’t necessarily preclude all possibility of enjoying outdoor exercise; it just means that we have to exercise some extra precaution that doesn’t usually come up as much during cooler, dryer times of year. Let’s go over several points to take into consideration when planning to exercise outside during the summer.

 #1 Storm Safety

According to the National Weather Service, lightning can reach temperatures of 50,000 degrees fahrenheit–that’s hotter than the surface of the sun and not something to be taken lightly. Florida has one of the highest rates of lightning strikes in the United States, so remember to check the weather forecast before departing for a healthy outing. If you are already outside and see lightning, utilize the 30-30 rule: Start counting to 30. If you hear thunder before reaching 30, go indoors. Don’t engage in any more outdoor activity until at least 30 minutes have elapsed since the last thunder clap. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says, “When thunder roars, go indoors.”

 #2 Don’t slip!

Post rain shower, the ground will still be wet and may be slippery. Ensure good traction by wearing properly fitting athletic shoes that still have sufficient tread to decrease likelihood of taking a fall. Avoid muddy or uneven ground and wear sunglasses. The sun tends to come out quickly after the rain here in Bradenton!

 #3 Heat-Related Illness Avoidance

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can happen when your body can’t cool itself appropriately. Increased moisture in the air slows the process of sweating, which is the body’s main method of cooling itself. Humidity also makes it feel much hotter than the temperature actually is, so it’s a good idea to take note of the heat index in addition to the temperature when checking the weather. The heat index takes humidity into account with the temperature to report what it will actually feel like. This is important because prolonged exposure to high temperatures increases your risk of heat-related illness. Make sure to drink plenty of water and to wear clothing that allows sweat to evaporate easily, thus cooling your body. If wearing a mask is your preference or local regulations require their use, be sure to consider its effect on your breathing and heat retention while engaging in physical activity in warm, humid conditions. Some masks are more breathable than others, so choose wisely according to what you’ll be doing.

 #4 Choose Safe Outdoor Training Exercises

Don’t over do it! If you haven’t been exercising outside much, be sure to start off slow and safe. The easiest way to get started moving outside in a safe and healthy way is by walking. Whether a stroll around your neighborhood, or drive to a scenic venue, Manatee County has a plethora of beach, park, and nature preserve trails to enjoy. If you prefer something more challenging, you may want to incorporate a guided 20 minute workout that requires no equipment and can be done right in your own yard. You can even take a chair outside and get some fresh air while increasing your fitness with these smooth moves.

Don’t needlessly miss out on the great outdoors because of pain. Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida are your non-surgical back and joint specialists! We’re all about helping the members of our Manatee and Sarasota communities to live more active and fulfilling lives by maintaining and improving their overall health and fitness. We do this through providing high-quality physical therapy care and exceptional customer service. Find out how we can help you with back, neck, hip, or any other kind of joint pain by calling us at (941) 264-1414, emailing, or directly sending us a message on our contact us page.


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The Benefits of Aquatic Exercise and Public Pools in Bradenton & Sarasota

Aquatic exercise is a fun and effective way to engage in healthy movement without overly loading the joints or requiring you to bear much weight. Working out in the water will reduce jarringly repetitive foot-strike forces (i.e. from running, jumping, or walking on hard surfaces) that can burden muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones, and it helps to minimize the risk of stress or injury to sensitive body parts. Your weight decreases the deeper you submerge because the water your body displaces causes you to be buoyant. If osteoporosis, nagging injury pain, or arthritis causes you to shy away from activity on land, pool exercise may be an ideal starting point for you to build endurance and strength while burning some extra calories.

Even with recent decreases in the availability of public spaces, we have several open local options with pool access. For recreational use or lap swimming, you can reserve a lane for 45 minutes for only $3 at Manatee County’s G.T. Bray Aquatic Center. Other inexpensive pools close to home are John H. Marble and Willie J. “Bro” Clemons Jr. Alternatively, for those not interested in swimming, water-based group fitness classes are also back in action, including Aqua Fit and Aqua Zumba. Aqua Fit requires no swimming experience and offers timed intervals using the water as mild resistance during your coach-led exercises. All levels are welcome! Aqua Zumba incorporates Latin music such as cha-cha, merengue, and salsa into a dance move inspired workout. You can find information about reserving your spot for either of these classes here. If Sarasota is a more convenient location for you, Sarasota Memorial has Aqua Challenge classes on Mondays and Wednesdays throughout July.

There are many health promotive exercises you can perform on your own in the water if you don’t want to be limited by predetermined group class times.

  • Start by water walking: Wade into about waist deep and walk back & forth, essentially as you would on land. Try not to walk on your tiptoes; treat it like you’re still on dry ground. If you want to burn more calories or increase the intensity, add in more exaggerated arm swinging as though power walking.
  • Build upper body strength: You can focus on your upper body by standing in one place at a depth such that only your neck and head are above water, then raise your arms out to the sides and make small circular motions just beneath the surface. Count to 15 and then reverse motion.
  • Focus on legs: To direct more attention to developing leg strength, stand at waist depth, hold on to the pool’s edge, facing the wall, then swing one leg out as far as you can. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then do the same in the other direction. Do this for 10-15 repetitions per side.
  • More ideas: See this link to view an entire guided water workout on video.

Exercising in a pool is a great way to work around existing pain, but in order to treat and actively work towards eliminating it, you may need a professional physical therapist. Our certified physical therapy doctors specialize in helping you move without pain. Our team is conveniently located right here in Bradenton, Florida. We’re ready to address your back, neck, shoulder, knee, or any other joint pain, so give us a call at (941) 264-1414, email, or send us a message here.

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Go For a Walk! The Benefits of Walking & the Best Walking Spots in Bradenton & Sarasota

Our communities are chock-full of safe, well-maintained, and beautiful walking spots, and even in this summer heat, the mornings and evenings are nice enough to engage in this relaxing and fun activity. Going for a stroll is not only a great way to get some fresh air and a little sunshine, but it also contributes to your physical health. Let’s go over some of the benefits that walking can bring to your wellness and also provide you with some ideas of great places to enjoy while doing it.

Simply adding the habit of walking to your lifestyle can actually decrease arthritis-related pain. Your knees and hips are gently lubricated while walking, and the muscles that support these sensitive structures are strengthened by the mild exercise. In fact, if you haven’t already developed osteoarthritis, it may even be prevented by walking 5-6 miles per week.

In addition to burning calories and helping to keep your weight in check, walking can also assist in strengthening your heart. Walking at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week, can reduce your risk of coronary heart disease by 19%! Researchers at the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute have linked exercise to a lower risk of 13 types of cancer. Certainly, going for daily walks is an easy introduction to developing a regimen of disease-incidence-reducing exercise.

Whether you prefer a stroll along the beach, a light hike on a maintained trail, or a paved walkway in a park, Bradenton and Sarasota are loaded with options. For the early risers, a sunrise walk on Siesta Beach is a very inexpensive and healthy way to start your morning. Bradenton’s Coquina Beach offers a 1.47 mile paved trail along the lovely white sands. If you prefer park-walking, you might try East Bradenton Park, with its outdoor exercise stations, or the 200 acre Bennett Park that was purchased by Manatee County under the Florida Forever Program. The Sarasota area offers Ackerman Park, where you can be on the lookout for Florida’s many bird species, and Bayfront Park, which also happens to be leashed-dog-friendly.

For something more challenging, Emerson Point Preserve in Manatee County has 5.8 miles of trails, some paved, and some composed of packed shells.

If you are experiencing joint pain, vertigo/dizziness/problems with your balance, or any sprains or strains, you don’t need to remain limited in enjoying the outdoor walking lifestyle so readily accessible here in Bradenton and Sarasota. The pain-specialist professionals at Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida are equipped with the knowledge and experience to get you back on the trail! Find out more about our services or schedule an appointment by calling us at (941) 264-1414, or email us at Our location and social media links are found on our Contact Us page.



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We’re Open! Focused on Your Health & Safety

Great news for all of our patients: under the phased reopening guidelines provided by the CDC, as well as Florida State and Local Manatee County Officials, Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida will be reopening on Monday, May 18, 2020, while implementing greater measures of precaution for your health and safety. We are excited to be able to continue in our passion to help the members of our community live more active and fulfilling lives by maintaining and improving their overall health and fitness while abiding by new COVID-19 guidelines. These guidelines have been carefully designed by officials to ensure that we can all keep our patients and therapists safe from COVID-19 while still being able to provide the vital health and medical services needed to keep society strong as a whole. We are adopting all the recommended precautions and look forward to being able to serve you once again!

So what does that mean for you as a patient of Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida? What differences can you expect to see at your next appointment?


Upon Arrival

  • Be Timely: when you arrive at our location, please wait inside your car or outside the clinic until the time of your appointment.
  • Empty Lobby: if someone accompanies you to your appointment, they are welcome to walk with you to the lobby, but we ask that all guests wait outside the clinic during your session.
  • Hand Sanitizer: upon entry to the clinic, you will be asked to apply hand-sanitizer that we will happily provide for you.
  • Face Mask: We will require all patients to wear a face mask, each patient may wear their own or we will provide one for you if you don’t already have one to use.


During your Appointment

  • During your appointment, we will provide you with gloves to ensure safe interaction with any equipment.
  • Your therapist will wear a face mask throughout the duration of your treatment.
  • After glove removal, we will again offer you hand sanitizer on your way out.
  • Your appointment will end 5-10 minutes early to ensure that you have ample time to exit the clinic before the next patient arrives.


Our Staff

Our therapists are here to Help You Move Without Pain! Our vision has been to improve Florida’s healthcare and the health of its residents. Your health and safety continue to be our top priority. Our clinic is clean, comfortable and beds are placed with ample space in between them.

  •  Our therapists will continue to wash their hands in between each patient.
  • They will continue to wipe and disinfect beds between each patient.
  • They will continue to thoroughly wipe and disinfect waiting room chairs and any other touched surface.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gives more detail about additional steps you can take for safely navigating outside your home.We appreciate your cooperation in our effort to keep all our patients and staff safe.

Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida is Bradenton’s answer for non-surgical back and joint pain. Pain medication merely masks your perception of pain, but a good physical therapy doctor will focus on finding the origin of your orthopedic pain and will work on improving the mobility of your painful areas as well as the stability of surrounding body parts. We’re here to serve all of Manatee and Sarasota counties and can be reached at (941) 264-1414 for questions or appointments. You can also send us a message at

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Staying Healthy While Staying Home

Even though you’re spending more time at home than you’re used to, you can still sustain an amount of physical activity that’s part of a healthy lifestyle. Let’s go over several exercises that require no special equipment, are mild enough that most people can enjoy doing them, and are legitimately contributory to your strength, balance, and joint health.


Around 80 percent of adults experience low back pain sometime in their lifetime. In fact, in one large survey, more than a quarter of adults reported experiencing it in the last three months. To strengthen the muscles that help stabilize the spine and maintain its safe, neutral position, we can utilize an exercise called a “bird dog.” Start on all fours on the ground with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle directly under your hips. Tighten your abdominal muscles and reach with your right hand straight ahead in line with your shoulder while simultaneously extending your left foot straight back in line with your hip. Keep your shoulders and hips parallel to the floor the whole time; this will be more challenging than it sounds! Here’s a video demonstration.

Upper Body

A mild but challenging exercise for your upper back and shoulders is called a wall slide. Simply stand with your head and low back against a wall, place your elbows and the backs of your hands against the wall with your elbows bent at 90 degrees, then slowly slide your hands straight up the wall without allowing your elbows and forearms to lose contact with it. Slide up and down the wall several times while maintaining this posture. You can see it in action here. If this proves difficult, try laying on the ground on your back. You might try this floor method with your knees bent at 90 degrees and feet held up if you also want to work on your core muscles as well.


One of the easiest but still very effective home exercises you can do for your neck is the simple head turn. Merely stand or sit with relaxed shoulders and slowly turn your head to one side until you feel a light stretch. Hold that position for a few seconds and then slowly turn the other direction.

Lower Body

With lower body movements you can keep your leg muscles active by practicing a knee-friendly sit-to-stand exercise. Simply stand in front of a stable chair with your feet as far apart as your hips. Slowly bend your knees and push your hips back until you make contact with the chair. Don’t collapse into it, you’ll want to maintain tension and hold for a couple of seconds if you can before standing up to the original position. You can see how it’s done here. If this is difficult, a simpler leg exercise without any knee bending is where you stand on one leg while holding onto a stable chair and then push one foot out to your side in a slow and controlled manner. You don’t need to go very high at all; just enough to feel some comfortable muscular contraction. See it in action here.

Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida are your non-surgical back and joint pain specialists right here in Bradenton! We’re here to help the members of our Manatee and Sarasota County community live more active and fulfilling lives by maintaining and improving their overall health and fitness. Call us at (941) 264-1414 or reach us at our contact us page for more information on alleviating aches and how to move without pain. We can also be emailed at






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Staying Healthy Through the Coronavirus Crisis (Beyond Washing Your Hands)

By now, you have certainly been flooded with information about the precautions needed to lessen the impact of COVID-19, more commonly referred to as the “coronavirus.” Our local, State and National Governments have outlined the necessary steps we should all take to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities.

As many of our patients have responsibly chosen to self-quarantine, aside from necessary medical visits, and we all find ourselves spending much more time at home, it helps to keep a few things in mind to keep yourself healthy (and sane), through these trying times.

  • Don’t Stress! – We know it’s really hard, but it’s important to be able to recognize signs of stress in your body. Stress can have a harmful effect on your immune system, so lowering levels of stressful thoughts and emotions by making different choices is something we should consider.


  • Limit your news intake – Watching and listening to news media is a way of keeping current with the latest events and announcements, but if it fuels your feelings of stress over the situation, perhaps consider decreasing your consumption. Try setting limits on how long or how often you will check the news and using your time to engage in activities that you find stress decreasing.


  • Breathe! – Practicing deep breathing is easy to learn and you don’t need any special tools or equipment to do it. One method, called “belly breathing,” will help you to relax and relieve tension. All you have to do is sit or lie in a comfortable position and put one hand on your belly and the other hand on your chest. Inhale deeply through your nose and allow your belly to push your hand out. Your chest should not move. Exhale through pursed lips as though whistling; the hand on your belly will go back in, and you can use it to push all the rest of the air out. Take your time and go through these steps several times.


  • Stay active! – This will both reduce stress levels and help you to maintain your health and strength. You can still maintain proper social distancing while going for a daily walk, or if you are confined to your home or feel more comfortable staying inside, you can develop a home workout routine. You don’t need any special equipment–just your own body weight. Here’s a list of home-based exercises with tutorials for each, along with an explanation of how to get started.


  • Stay connected! – Utilize technology to stay connected with the outside world.  Have a friend you normally text? Surprise them with a Facetime or Video Call and you’ll be amazed at what seeing a smile can do to lift your spirits and theirs! Staying connected with the important people in your life is always a priority, but take advantage of this time to show people how much you appreciate them.


Remember to listen to and follow the directions of the State of Florida and local Bradenton and Sarasota authorities in Manatee and Sarasota counties. At Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida we are committed to the health and safety of our community. Please feel free to contact us for any additional tips and recommendations on how to alleviate your aches and pain. Our therapists are here to Help You Move Without Pain! We can be reached at (941) 264-1414 or emailed at




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It’s High Season in Bradenton, FL! How to Make the Most of It.

This is the time of year when our local Bradenton and Sarasota weather is at its finest, social events and programs are plentiful, and the days are starting to lengthen, so now is a great opportunity to take full advantage of the season and get active again. Let’s go over a few easy ways to enjoy our lovely city with an emphasis on physical health.

Taking a barefoot stroll along one of our beautiful beaches offers the mild resistance of sandy terrain. Barefoot walking in the sand will burn more calories and exercise the foot and ankle muscles in ways they may not be accustomed to with the usual shoe-clad, flat ground walking. Organized beach walks will give you a structured way to develop this healthy habit in the company of like-minded people. Try a walk around Bean Point, or Manatee Public Beach for convenience and reward your efforts with some famous all you can eat pancakes!

Another fun way to enjoy this season’s outdoor-friendly weather is to engage in birdwatching. Walking about looking for birds to identify is an intellectually stimulating endeavor, not to mention a physically healthy one. The trails of Celery Fields are highly regarded by wildlife enthusiasts for this leisurely pastime. Spring is the perfect time to spot migrant songbirds at the Coquina Beach segment of the Florida Birding Trail.

Fitness in the Park is an adult program for gentle exercise in the fresh air of a natural setting. It’s also another great way to meet new people in our community. Other introductory fitness offerings include yoga and tai chi. Manatee County has a schedule packed with activities both for the aforementioned classes and for less physical, more socially interactive springtime fun.

If you suffer from pain or dysfunction in the hips, knees, ankles, or feet, you don’t need to allow this to be a limiting factor for a peaceful beach walk, group exercise session, or outing of birdwatching. Our joint pain specialists have the experience and expertise to remove physical limitations caused by pain and can assist you in getting back into enjoying the outdoors.

By the way, this month of March also marks yet another anniversary of Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida serving our community of Bradenton, FL. For two years now, our physical therapy professionals have been assisting patients with sciatica, vertigo/dizziness/balance problems, arthritis, and joint sprains and strains. We are all about helping you move without pain and eagerly look ahead to what the rest of 2020 holds in store. You can get more information about our services or schedule an appointment by calling us at (941) 264-1414, and we can also be emailed at Also, be sure to check out links to our social media or send us a message on our Contact Us page.



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How Physical Therapy Contributes to a Healthy Heart

 February is not just about heart-shaped candy boxes, but since President Lyndon B. Johnson
proclaimed it in 1963 , it has been celebrated as American Heart Month , one of the most broadly
celebrated Health Awareness months on record. The goal of American Heart Month is to
eradicate heart disease (the Number 1 killer of Americans!) and stroke by reinforcing the need
for research and raising awareness of how to decrease the likelihood of developing
cardiovascular problems.

 According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute , about 1,441,000 people in our own
state of Florida have been diagnosed with coronary heart disease. This is the most common
form of heart disease, but the most current research shows that the majority of cases would
have been entirely preventable through healthy lifestyle choices.
Physicians agree that some of the most basic steps will readily contribute to a healthier heart
and an all-around healthier life.

● Eat Clean: A heart-healthy diet includes choosing fruits and vegetables while limiting
saturated and trans-fats and added sugar. Avoid processed foods and limit alcohol.
● Sleep more: Arranging your schedule to accommodate more sleep will allow your body
more time to self-repair and recover from daily life stress.
● Quit Smoking: Quitting smoking can only help your all-around well-being. Studies have
shown a 50 percent or greater decrease in the risk of recurrent heart attack and
cardiovascular death after ending the habit.
● Continue Learning: Take advantage of your local resources offered year-round. Our
very own Manatee Memorial Hospital offers a monthly Healthy Hearts Support Group to
help keep you on track toward your Heart health goals.
● Exercise: Any exercise at all is a step in the right direction! 20-30 minutes 3-4 times a
week is a great and practical stage to reach. Moving around more and rebuilding your
strength and endurance will benefit your heart, muscles, and joints dramatically. Studies
have shown mitigated risk through walking, swimming, weightlifting… So it really doesn’t
matter what you do, but get moving!

 Of course, at Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida, we realize that it is sometimes easier said
than done. And that is exactly where physical therapy can come into play! Maybe you’ve
suffered an injury or arthritis and can’t move like you used to. Or maybe your range of motion is
limited from allowing yourself to be sedentary. No matter what your situation, our team is here to

 Safe, pain-decreasing exercise is our physical therapists ’ specialty . They’re ready to teach you
how to move again without pain. They will determine exactly which exercises and how much is
appropriate for you. This is not like getting a personal trainer at the gym! These are highly
trained, professionally certified practitioners utilizing science-based, hands-on physical therapy
designed specifically for YOU. Our physical therapy doctors will teach you techniques that can
restore your strength, endurance, balance, and pain-free mobility.

 Another important factor for a healthy heart is avoiding stress and hypertension. Pain caused
by injuries and diseases only increases the amount of chronic stress your heart and body is
subjected to. Decreasing pain and enabling the normal function of your body in everyday tasks
minimizes this chronic stress and creates a healthy physical environment for your heart and
whole life.

 Bradenton’s own Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida are qualified, experienced, and eager to
assist you in finding an overall healthy lifestyle right for you. Get more information or schedule
an appointment by calling us at (941) 264-1414.

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From our Bradenton rehabilitation experts at Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida: Thanks for making 2019 a great year as we “Helped You Move Without Pain”

On behalf of the entire staff at Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida in Bradenton, FL, we’d like to wish you and your loved ones a very happy holiday season.  We hope it’s a safe and pleasant time of year for you, filled with lots of laughs and love as you celebrate with those closest to you.

2019 was a great year for Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida, and we have you, the patients in our community, to thank for all that we accomplished.

At Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida, we’re always striving to expand our knowledge, fine-tune our techniques and improve our services to better serve our patients.  Throughout the year we’ve attended various courses and conferences that help to highlight the latest developments in the physical therapy world while also helping us better understand the views of other health-care professionals.

This year, we are very excited to welcome Cindy Cantwell to the PT Doctors family. Cindy is a Physical Therapy Assistant with over 25 years of experience, and we are very happy to have her.

The expansion of our services and staff, and our ability to provide premier treatment to a wide range of patients has been met with great success.  Here’s what some of our patients have had to say about their experience at Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida:


“I was referred here by my Dr after hurting my neck. I tried going to a different PT but had difficulty with their insurance department (not the first time) From the first phone call I knew this was the place to go. I spoke to Jon and before my first appointment he gave me some tips to help me feel better before I even stepped into the office. I have had two sessions with him and now feel almost back to normal! They are professional and also very friendly. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of quality care!” Ed

 “Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida were excellent, caring and very professional on every visit. Individual attention was given to the pain I was experiencing at the time. Thankfully I am now able to enjoy more activities and I will recommend them highly to my friends and family.” Susan

  “I was traveling and had to find a physical therapist in Bradenton for two weeks. I could not be more satisfied with the care at this facility. I have had PT in the past for two other injuries. Both times, I was volleyed between different therapists who had different levels of experience. They often spent more time telling me what to do at home than working with me at the office. At Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida, Jay made the most of our time AND gave me a home routine. With a combination of stretching, massage and exercises, I made tremendous progress in just two weeks. My PT back home was very surprised how much my range of motion had improved in just two weeks. The high level of personal attention was far different from other places I have been. I would highly recommend this facility.” Cindy


We are humbled and overjoyed by such kind words from our patients. We thank all of our patients for their support throughout 2019 and for allowing us to “Help Them Move Without Pain!”  We hope for an equally amazing 2020 and wish the same for you and yours.

For more information from our Bradenton rehabilitation experts, or for any other aches or pains you may be experiencing, contact Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida in Bradenton, FL at 941-264-1414 to schedule an appointment.