Your Non-Surgical Back and Joint Pain Specialists

S. McGill

John, Thank you so much for all you have done to help me control my Neck, Shoulder and Back Pain. You and your team were very professional and did a wonderful job relieving the pain I have had after a bicycle accident with a broken mandible and 40 years of living with Pain and Stiffness. Your facility is very private, extremely professional and I can honestly say, “I looked forward to my therapy visits.”

D. Butt

I first picked PT Doctors of FL due to convenience of location but now I would drive 20 miles if I needed. The 1:1 treatment & knowledge of the therapists makes them a top pick when needing help. I had to insist my DR at Coastal Orthopedics but finally they relented & allowed me to go where I wanted for PT. Why put up with 2nd best?

K. Minassian

I am so pleased with Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida, Jon and his staff do an excellent job at finding the best physical therapy treatment for their patients; they will pinpoint problem areas as well as implement exercises to overcome the issues. The service and caring for each of their patient’s is obvious. I highly recommend this business.

C. Bird

I was treated by Cindy for nerve pain in my arm. She was amazing! I loved that I was her only patient for the entire time I was there. Not the “do this exercise and I’ll be back” kind of place! She treated me with her expertise and explained everything along the way! My pain is gone and I have new knowledge as well as exercises to maintain my pain free life! I highly recommend Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida!

K. Molkara

In November I was suffering from left leg sciatic nerve, the pain worked me up several time during the night, Jonathan and his professional staff after several cessions were able to completely heal my leg and back. I appreciate their professionalism and customer care attitude.

C. Hammell

I received excellent results for my foot pain/plantar fasciitis from Jon. I am a PT myself and recently moved here to Florida. I would highly recommend PT Doctors of Florida for any of your musculoskeletal needs.

J. Phillips

Jon and his therapists provide you with a solid hour of hands-on therapy. They listen, observe and then get to work with therapy tailored just for you. I highly recommend this professional shop and will return if and when I need additional help.

J. Houck

I have been personally meeting with Megan Bollinger, PT, at Dr. Mullis center for the last couple months,. She is brilliant, experienced, and fun to work with for the ailments I have been experiencing with PRI. I have spoken with Dr. Mullis many times. He is kind, compassionate, and also, an excellent PT. I would highly recommend this team! At least meet with them for a consult. Promise, you will be so grateful you had! Jan Houck

K. Cessaro

Just finished my sessions with Megan Bollinger at PT Doctors of Florida. As a recently retired PT and want-to be pickle ball player , I was incredibly impressed with Dr Bollinger’s knowledge and skill at determining what I needed to do to get out of pain and back to a higher level of function. She gives a fully integrated assessment that is on going throughout each session. Her skill set as an evaluator is the best I have seen or experienced in all my years as a PT or patient. Glad to have found her.

J. Phillips

John and Jay are the best they make you feel like family when you are getting treatment there . Also keep you complete informed on what progress you are making. I have had therapy at a number of different places and this is by far my favorite. I highly recommend this place for all your needs in physical therapy. The whole staff is amazing.