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Gift Ideas to Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

‘Tis the season of stressful planning and travel, overeating, and generally putting the healthiest of habits on the backburner. But it’s also a time of gift-giving! There is lots of giving potential that promotes de-stressing, cultivating a healthy lifestyle, and can actually increase the quality of your friends’ and loved ones’ lives. You may even want to wish yourself a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year by picking up some new products that will assist your own journey of a long, healthy life. Let’s survey a few options.

Something that every person of every age needs is water. You can’t go wrong with contributing to someone’s intake of this most necessary liquid. Although there is no universally agreed upon quantity of daily water intake, it seems safe to reason that most people could benefit from increasing it or at least keeping track of what they feel is an optimum amount. Water is so good for so many things. No wonder, since you as an adult are made of up to 60% of it! The cartilage of your joints and spinal disks are around 80% water, so if you suffer from joint or back pain, increasing your H2O drinking is a great starting place. To really address the root of pain problems and work towards a solution, a Licensed Physical Therapist may be the most direct route. The Physical Therapists at Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida have the knowledge to take you beyond the basics of drinking water and assess and treat your specific pain issues. You can schedule an appointment or get more information by calling (941) 264-1414. As far as a water promoting gift, look to something as simple and user-friendly as a motivational water bottle. It makes both the amount and timing of your hydration as easy as possible, and they come in a variety of sizes so you can customize to your particular recipient’s situation.

Giving people tools that make it easier to engage in more outdoor activity is a thoughtful way of expressing your affection. You could set them up with the apparel and strategy to help them develop a routine walk. Start with the basics: a pair of comfortable, new shoes designed for outdoor walking. A free online consultation can help you decide the best option for an individual. Sometimes people just need to be pointed in the right direction to get started in developing a habit of walking. If you buy them a local birding guidebook and send them to a destination where they can look for what they’re reading about, you make exercise into a fun adventure that can be repeated regularly. If they’re not someone who wants to have to carry a book around, consider buying them a membership to a local curated park where they can easily view plants, animals, and scenery on well-maintained pathways all year long. You can even provide a way for that special someone to monitor their progress via wearable technology that’s geared toward fitness. There are many price points and levels of sophistication available out there, so it may help to take an online quiz that can narrow the field to the best choices for your friends and family. Covering ground by moving around more helps burn off those extra holiday calories, strengthens muscles, and grants people a feeling of accomplishment; all the things they miss out on if they take a sedentary response to their vacation days.

Sadly, some people’s bodies have too many seemingly fargone problems that prevent them from just launching into a brisk walking workout on their own. Whether it’s pain produced by an accident or injury, arthritis, or age-related degeneration, many people require expert help in assessing and addressing their physical dysfunctions. This is the specialty of Physical Therapy Doctors. If someone you know suffers from back or joint pain, vertigo, or needs assistance in recovering from an injury, a life-changing gift you can give them is the gift of Physical Therapy. Physical Therapy Doctors of Florida have the expertise and experience in helping people move without pain, and without drugs or surgery. It’s easy to reach out to us to find out how you can acquire an appointment for someone who would be benefited by treatment from a pain expert; give us a call at (941) 264-1414, email us, or send us a message on our contact page.